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93WH/9Cell HP Envy 15/15t Series Ultra-slim Extended Battery

93WH/9Cell HP Envy 15/15t Series Ultra-slim Extended Battery

Colour: Black/Silver Condition:Brand New
Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage:11.1V
Capacity:93WH /9Cell Warranty: 12 months

Replace Part Number:

HSTNN-Q42C, HSTNN-DB0J, HSTNN-IB01, NK06, NS09, VL840AA, 573673-251, 570421-171, 582216-171, 576833-001, 576834-001

Fit for:

HP Envy 15 Series

HP Envy 15-1000se, 15-1001tx, 15-1001xx, 15-1002tx
HP Envy 15-1002xx, 15-1003tx, 15-1007ev, 15-1007tx
HP Envy 15-1008xx, 15-1009tx, 15-1011tx, 15-1013tx
HP Envy 15-1014tx, 15-1015tx, 15-1018tx, 15-1019tx
HP Envy 15-1020er, 15-1021tx, 15-1022tx, 15-1030ef
HP Envy 15-1040er, 15-1050ca, 15-1050es, 15-1050nr
HP Envy 15-1055se, 15-1060ea, 15-1066nr, 15-1067nr
HP Envy 15-1080ea, 15-1090eg15-1099eo, 15-1099xl
HP Envy 15-1102xx, 15-1150NR,15-1155nr, 15-1970ez

HP Envy 15t Series

HP Envy 15t-1000, 15t-1100, 15t-1100se

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  • Model: HP Envy 15-1000se
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