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New 60W Samsung NP-Q330 NP-SF411 Ac Adapter


New 60W Samsung NP-Q330 NP-SF411 Ac Adapter

New 19V 3.16A 60W Samsung NP-Q330 AC Adapter Power Supply charger + Power Cord

Input Voltage : 100-240V /50-60Hz

Output Voltage : 19V 3.15A/3.16A 60W

Power : 60W

Plug Tip Size : 5.5mm × 3.0mm

Brand : Samsung Ac Adapter

power cord : AU, UK, EU, USA ( fit your country)

Package : 1 X AC Adapter, 1 X AC Cord

Condition: Brand new Original

Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Part Number :

Samsung AD-6019 AP04214-UV ADP-60ZH A BA44-00243A

Fit models :

Samsung NP200 Samsung NP400 Samsung Q320 Samsung NP-Q320
Samsung NT-Q320 Samsung Q322 Samsung NP-Q322 Samsung NT-Q322
Samsung Q428 Samsung NP-Q428 Samsung NT-Q428 Samsung R423
Samsung NP-R423 Samsung NT-R423 Samsung R428 Samsung NP-R428
Samsung NT-R428 Samsung R429 Samsung NP-R429 Samsung NT-R429
Samsung R430 Samsung NP-R430 Samsung NT-R430 Samsung R431
Samsung NP-R431 Samsung NT-R431 Samsung R439 Samsung NP-R439
Samsung NT-R439 Samsung R440 Samsung NP-R440 Samsung NT-R440
Samsung R458 Samsung NP-R458 Samsung NT-R458 Samsung R460
Samsung NP-R460 Samsung NT-R460 Samsung R462 Samsung NP-R462
Samsung NT-R462 Samsung R463 Samsung NP-R463 Samsung NT-R463
Samsung R464 Samsung NP-R464 Samsung NT-R464 Samsung R465
Samsung NP-R465 Samsung NT-R465 Samsung R466 Samsung NP-R466
Samsung NT-R466 Samsung R467 Samsung NP-R467 Samsung NT-R467
Samsung R468 Samsung NP-R468 Samsung NT-R468 Samsung R470
Samsung NP-R470 Samsung NT-R470 Samsung R522 Samsung NP-R522
Samsung NT-R522 Samsung R478 Samsung NP-R478 Samsung NT-R478
Samsung R480 Samsung NP-R480 Samsung NT-R480 Samsung RC410
Samsung NP-RC410 Samsung RC420 Samsung NP-RC420 Samsung NT-RC420
Samsung RC425 Samsung NP-RC425 Samsung NT-RC425 Samsung RF411
Samsung NP-RF411 Samsung NT-RF411 Samsung RV408 Samsung NP-RV408
Samsung NT-RV408 Samsung RV410 Samsung NP-RV410 Samsung NT-RV410
Samsung RV508 Samsung NP-RV508 Samsung NT-RV508 Samsung Q330
Samsung NP-Q330 Samsung NT-Q330 Samsung QX310 Samsung NP-QX310
Samsung NT-QX310 Samsung Q230 Samsung NP-Q230 Samsung NT-Q230
Samsung Q318 Samsung NP-Q318 Samsung NT-Q318 Samsung P428
Samsung NP-P428 Samsung NT-P428 Samsung P230 Samsung NP-P230
Samsung NT-P230 Samsung P330 Samsung NP-P330 Samsung NT-P330
Samsung SF310 Samsung NP-SF310 Samsung NT-SF310 Samsung SF311
Samsung SF311 Samsung NP-SF311 Samsung SF410 Samsung NP-SF410
Samsung NT-SF410 Samsung SF411 Samsung NP-SF411 Samsung NP-X330
Samsung NT-X330 Samsung X331 Samsung NP-X331 Samsung NT-X331
Samsung X430 Samsung NP-X430 Samsung NT-X430 Samsung X431
Samsung NP-X431 Samsung NT-X431

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